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Regarding the impact of the Naxalbari peasant movement on Indian art, literature and cinema "Naya Ishtahar" has published the book titled Naxalbarir Probhabe Shilpa Sahitya Chalachitra ( Bengali ) [ The influence of Naxalbari movement on art, literature and movies ]. It was a collection of analysis by the prominent personalities on the influence of this movement on their creative activities. The book has been enriched by the contribution of filmmaker Goutam Ghosh, cartoonist Chandi Lahiri, mass singer Dilip Bagchi, poet Manibhusan Bhattacharya as well as other creative men like Saibal Mitra, Amal Ray, Asit Basu.

About the book, The Statesman has commented, ..‘’ Mr Amar Bhattacharya, belonging Naya Ishtahar has made an attempt to chronicle a segment of contributions towards this creative arena by bringing out a monograph, Naxalbarir Prabhabe Silpa-Sahitya-Chalachitra. This is a good initiation. (July 25, 1992)

One of the special tasks of ‘’Naya Ishtahar’’ has been the publication in Bengali and Santhali languages of the life sketch and activities of Charu Majumdar, the main architect of the Naxalbari movement. of the hate contained in the Pamphlet is lost in translation.