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‘’Naya Ishtahar’’ has paid tributes to Mao Tse Tung, the outstanding personality of international communist movement and the architect of the Chinese Revolution, on the occation of his birth centenary by publishing exact reprints of his Five Essays and of his famous book. ’’Quotations of Chairman Mao’’ which is known all over the world as the ‘’Red Book’’.

In protest against the death sentences on the ‘’Voice of the voiceless’’ Mumia Abu- Jamal, the black American radio journalist and on the patriotic Kurd leader Abdulla O’ calon, ‘’Naya Ishtahar’’ released press statements, distributed leaflets, organised convention of intellectuals and common people and collected their signatures which were then sent to the president of America.

A collection of some important articles published in the ‘Peoples Daily’ and the ‘Liberation Army Daily’ during the cultural Revolution in China were published in Bengali under the title ‘China Gana Fouzer Gurutwapurna Prabondha Sankalan’ ( Bengali) [ Anthology of Impotrant Articles of the people’s Army of China ].

‘Naya Ishtahar’ revealed a ruthless truth in public by publishing ‘Cambodiar Samajtantrik Biplab O Comrade Pol Pot (Bengali) [ The Socialist Revolution in Cambodia and Comrade Pol Pot ] a fact-based book against the imperialist propaganda about Cambodia and Pol Pot.