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‘’Dankel Prastab O Deulia Matribhumir Kahini’’ (Bengali) [ Dunkel Proposal and the story of the Bankrupt Motherland ] has been published exposing the role of IMF and the notorious Dunkel proposal with its devastating impact on India.

‘’Naya Ishtahar’’ brought into public attention the ‘true nature’ of Religion. While looking for the roots of the fratricidal riots in India and Bangladesh in the wake of the demolition of the Babri Mosque following the Ram Mandir- Babri mosque debate in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Their publication on the issue Dharma, Sampradaekata Amader Chokhe ( Bengali ) [ Religion, communalism in our eyes] created a sensation among the sensible people.

In another publication of “Naya Ishtahar” ‘Bharatbarsher Adivasi Krishak Bidroha” (Bengali) (Adivasi Peasant Revolt in India) the revolt of the adivasi peasants of India against the ruthless colonial exploitation of the British rulers.