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The Calcutta Book Fair 2000 was the occasion for yet another new publication_ Naxalbari Andoloner Pramanya Tathya Sankalan ( Bengali ) [ An Authentic Anthology of Facts of the Naxalbari Movement ]. This book based on long-time research chronicles the historic facts from the days of pre-Naxalbari peasant movement till the death of Charu Majumdar (1925_1972). An appeal-letter of the book notes, ‘’It requires more than guts, perseverance and in-depth study of that blood-stained era. It also requires printed documents and unpublished documents relevant to the said movement as well as the interviews of the old Trozans who were once directly or indirectly involved with it and many more.’’ The book has already drawn attention of the researchers. The Statesman has said about the book. Like it or not, the Naxalite movement is part of our history and it still plays a majore role in the life of the rural poor in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and some other states. If Amar Bhattecharya succeeds in his endeavour, we will an unbiased account of what really happened during those turbulent years. (May 9, 1998)

The Asian Age says "The effort is serious. There are staunch believers of the movement like Publishing house Naya Ishtahar Prakashani. At the book fair, Naya Ishtahar Prkashani published a documentary on the Naxalbari movement _ ‘Naxalbari Andoloner Pramanya Tathya Sankalan’, Edited by Amar Bhattacharya." ( May 22, 2000 )

According to ‘Indian Express’ "According to Bhattacharya, it is important because the mythification intentionally or un-intentionally, of the Negative movement had done immense damage to its cause_ it is time we fight it both at the political and intellectual level and we have decided to bring out an authentic history of our movement, _ explains Bhattecharya"(Sep 26, 1997)

Besides, the Bengali newspapers like ‘Anandabazar Patrika’, ‘Ajkal’, ‘Pratidin’, ‘Basumati’,and periodicals like ‘Saptahik Bartaman’, etc have specially reviewed the book.

This research-based book was cited in the presentation of the Indian representative at the International Labour Historians’ Conference, 1999 ( I.T.H ) at Linz, Austria. ‘’Naya Ishtahar’’ seeks more facts and other cooperation of the people from all walks of life for the furtherance of this research work.