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The Naya Ishtahar report "Rakte Lekha Itihas (Bengali) [History Written in Blood] on the massacre organised under state patronage in August 1971 at the Baranagar Cossipore area in north Calcutta suburban created quite a stir. The Asian Age serially published a summary of the investigative report based on interviews taken jointly by the correspondents of Naya Ishtahar and other distinguished journalists. Asian age says: - Congress, CPI, CPI (M) all their hands are tainted with blood. The murderers are to day garlanding the martyrs. So friends raise your voice, come forward. The nails hidden under the velvet gloves are still active. Detest them, identify them, break these double-faced murderers. Some of the hate contained in the Pamphlet is lost in translation.

Mr. Amar Bhattacharya, ailing and breathless, is today the editor of a news paper, Naya Ishtahar. He is happy that some one is trying to unravel the two decades and half mystery.For that matter, what was happened to all the committees set up to investigate murders. The Haratosh Chakraborty, the Ajoy Basu commission _ they have all died natural deaths, he says..[ 29 January 1996 ]