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Welcome to Naya Ishtahar

An organ is a spokesman which speaks for somebody. Naturally it acts as a mouthpiece for those who are controlling its editorial policy. In this way the organ plays the role of an organizer among people. On the other hand the editorial board is being guided by their political ideology and philosophical outlook. So the concept of neutrality of a newspaper or a magazine is totally a farce.

'Naya Ishtahar' is straightway against this hypocrisy. It firmly believes in the existence of a class divided society. Standing on this class outlook, it is constantly trying to propagate its political ideology and philosophical outlook through its organ and publications. In this way it is committed to build up a well organized, disciplined consolidation amongst masses.

'Naya Ishtahar' pays great respect to all struggles of Indian people against British Imperialism and feudalism in British ruled India. The transfer of power after making compromise with the British colonial is treachery to the Indian people. The denial of those communist parties of India who claimed themselved to be vanguard section of masses and are now walking in the parliamentarian pathway of power capturing, to fight against the imperialism and feudalism is another treachery in the Indian History. We believe that Naxalbari struggle and its basic political line is correct in the context of Indian revolution. It accepts Marxism, Leninism and Mao Tse Tung thought to be its philosophical and international guideline. We firmly support different national liberation movements, movement for right to self determination of different nationalities along with all liberation movements in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Similarly we support all just movements of Naga, Mizo, Kuki, Kashmiri, Jharkhandi people. On the other hand, we oppose any kind of sectarian outlook in the name of cast, religion and races.

'Naya Ishtahar' has already brought out its own opinion regarding these struggles. It has also given its analysis on the leadership of different struggles going on in various parts of India and abroad. It is whole heartedly welcoming any identical minded person or organization for exchange of news and views for the fulfillment of its motto that is liberation of mankind.